About Us

To provide a support network to assist people overcome the barriers limiting them from being able to interact and be more social. Assisting members with services, events and connecting them with professionals when faced with
mental and financial limitations.

Community Awareness
Social Support INC works with others to raise awareness of emotional and mental health through innovative campaigns and strategies.
Integration with support services: Social Support INC is committed to working with support services at a local ,state or national level to educate, identify and respond to support community members

Community Support
Supporting a better tomorrow
We provide a wide of community events and support groups and workshops to assist all people regardless of age, ethnicity or background to socialise, make new connections and over-come social anxiety and isolation issues

Isolation and lack of support and community is a massive barrier to Australians and impacts them in a wide range of areas from anxiety to depression, By creating on-line communities and local events coupled with a professional support network, We aim to increase peoples ability to socialise, feel better and increase mental health.